Letter #1 – Clyde Champion Barrow

1450 West Blackhawk – Peter Orner

Peter Orner is the author of hte novel The Second Coming Of Mavala Shikongo and the story collection Esther Stories

To Pierre Joseph Proudhon – Karl Marx

Legitimate Dangers – Jared Stanley

Jared Stanley is the author of Book Made of Forest (Salt, 2009), and four chapbooks, including the forthcoming, How the Desert Did Me In (The Song Cave). Recently, he’s collaborated with visual artists for the Dry Immersion Roving Symposium exhibit held in March 2010 at UC Riverside’s Palm Desert campus, and in the surrounding desert. He lives in the San Joaquin Valley.

Garden Of Forking Paths – Jorge Luis Borges

A Small Hole – Vicki Barras Tulacro

Vicki lives in the San Bernardino mountains where she is surrounded by dueling elements like pine trees and cacti, rattlesnakes and snow. She credits her kids with her failing memory and impetuous nature. Her first novel, “Pink Is for Girls,” is still a work-in-progress. Recent short stories and poetry have appeared in the Farallon Review, Southpaw, Chaffey Review, and Pacific Review.

To Karl Marx – Pierre Joseph Proudhon